Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 30 March 2022

  • Calcio Football Centre do not accept places at individual sessions (excluding free taster sessions) and require block bookings with payment in advance – dates align with Leeds City Council term times.
  • Memberships are paid via direct debit monthly.
  • New registrations will be required a payment for the remaining sessions of the month to guarantee their child’s place. For example. If a player joins on week 2 of a 4 week month they will be charged for 2 sessions and receive their first session for free.
  • Customers are only entitled to one free session. If a player leaves Calcio Football Centre and returns at a later date they must pay from the first session.
  • Members who fail to make payment by the deadline set, accept that their place may be offered to a child on our waiting list.
  • Calcio Football Centre reserves the right to refuse bookings where Direct Debit Mandates are unfulfilled or have been cancelled.

Refund & Absence Policy

  • Due to small group sizes and substantial operating costs, we do not offer full or partial refunds for absences.
  • Calcio will only cancel sessions due to facility closure (weather, incident at facility etc).
  • When sessions are cancelled for any reason Calcio can not offer refunds to parents for individual sessions. Instead we endeavour to hold make up sessions that more than make up for the cancelled sessions.
  • Calcio Football Centre cannot be held liable for injuries that happen to its players away from football classes and are therefore unable to offer refunds or credits for short or long-term injuries.
  • Should your child be absent from sessions due to a medium/long term injury/illness please contact a member of the coaching team by email to discuss. We will always look to make sure a space can be reserved for the players return, where possible.
  • 1:1 sessions are subject to availability, venue and coach rate.
  • Where absence on a previous term has occurred, membership fees for future classes will always remain payable in full.
  • Calcio Football Centre reserves the right to retain membership fees for sessions that you choose not to or are unable to attend.
  • If a payment has been taken from your account in error, please let us know by email and we will refund any amounts within 48 hours of being notified.
  • Should Calcio Football Centre terminate a parent’s membership solely due to a breach of the code of conduct this would subsequently disqualify them from attending future classes. All remaining session fees would be refunded into the bank account from which original membership was paid.
  • All remaining session fees would be refunded into the bank account from which original membership was paid.
  • Important – Terminated memberships do not qualify for a refund for the sessions that have already been attended during the current membership period.

Player Clothing

  • Players attending Calcio Football Centre classes are required to wear suitable footwear (moulded studs or Astroturf trainers), shin guards and have an appropriate amount of fluids to keep them hydrated. Players are not allowed to share drinks.
  • Members who allow their children to participate without shin-guards do so at their own risk. Calcio Football Centre accept no liability for injuries. If a parent wishes to do this, it must be communicated with their child’s coach.
  • Members who allow their children to participate wearing glasses do so at their own risk. Calcio Football Centre recommend prescribed sports goggles and accept no liability for injury or breakage.

Code of Conduct: Parents & Carers

  • Remain outside the training pitch unless invited by a member of staff.
  • Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour.
  • Always respect the players’ right to be wrong and make mistakes.
  • Trust the coaching team to manage mistakes to the players/groups’ advantage.
  • Applaud effort, sportsmanship and good play as well as success.
  • Refrain from discussing the individual strengths and weaknesses of players.
  • Respect the positive and child-centred environment we aim to create at our sessions.
  • Remember that children play for FUN.
  • Let the coaches do their job and not confuse the players by telling them what to do.
  • Children must not be left in the care of Calcio Football Centre coaches without prior consent. Parents/carers must be available and on-site at the facility at all times during the 1-hour weekly classes.
  • Calcio Football Centre reserves the right to revoke membership in any case that persistent lateness causes significant disruption to classes.

Social Media Guidelines

  • Calcio Football Centre will only accept positive use of its social media pages including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. These pages are not to be used for grievances or complaint procedures. Calcio Football Centre reserve the right to remove any derogatory comments aimed at Calcio Football Centre, its partners, customers or children participating in the sessions.
  • Our social media pages are a celebration of youth football and the nature of their content must reflect this positive intent. Also, it is acceptable to take videos and footage of your own children whilst training at Calcio Football Centre however, any content that contains other children should not be published in the public domain – including social media platforms without consent of others.
  • Where parents refuse to remove such content that compromises the privacy of another Calcio Football Centre member or child, we reserve the right to report any published content to the social media platform whenever necessary.
  • In the event of a breach of these terms members may be temporarily or permanently banned from the page until disputes have been resolved.
  • Calcio Football Centre may add you to a mailing list to discuss training changes and updates. The mailing list may also be used to promote further Calcio Football products and services

Class Cancellation & Adverse Weather Policy

  • We are unable to refund customers for missed coaching sessions.
  • Any refunds or sessions in lieu will be dictated at the discretion of Calcio Football Centre.
  • Refunds will not be issued should facilities be closed as a result of force majeure occurrences, including but not limited to, severe weather, dangerous conditions, pandemics or any reason the facility chooses to close.
  • Should there be a temporary service interruption resulting in missed classes, Calcio Football Centre may implement one or several business continuity measures. At our discretion, and where possible, we may recover the lost training time through the extension of future classes, offer make up sessions later in the season and/or cups/fixtures,
  • Sessions will continue to operate through periods of adverse weather. Calcio Football Centre cannot be held responsible for travel complications and delays due to such weather conditions.

Photographs & Video

  • Calcio Football Centre will periodically have live photo shoots during sessions and may use the images/videos for website and our social media channels.
  • Images posted will adhere to FA Safeguarding guidelines and will be anonymised never identifying children by their first and second name.
  • Please contact us at info@calciofootballcentre.co.uk if you would like to opt-out of the publication of images. Please notify us as quickly as possible, by email, otherwise it will be deemed that you have granted permission for the images to be used.

Parent Behaviour Policy

  • Calcio Football Centre reserve the right to discontinue memberships without a notice period where we feel communication from members has been aggressive, insulting, publicly damaging and/or abusive to the football school’s coaches, members or partner agencies.
  • Calcio Football Centre also reserve the right to revoke or discontinue memberships should there be any instances of alcohol or substance misuse.

Comments / Complaints

In the event that you have any reason to complain or have any comments, you must immediately inform us. Any verbal notification must be put in writing. If you remain dissatisfied, you must write to info@calciofootballcentre.co.uk within 21 days.

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